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NSX-v to T Migrations

The NSX-v to T Migration Platform

Are you ready for the transition to NSX-T ?  

We are... The RESTNSX team provides you with two great options. Both are proven with small and large customers alike with 200+ migrations performed. Both solutions will get your NSX-v configurations to NSX-T on-premise or cloud but as most things - the choice depends on what type of migration is desired. 



While the CloudControl provides an exceptional experience for NSX automation and day 2 operations for both NSX-v and NSX-T, it also has the capability to migrate your distributed firewall configurations to T.   This can be a one-time synchronization to NSX-T or ongoing until the workloads are migrated. 


CloudShift (formerly the Migration Assistance Tool - MAT), on the other hand, performs assessments and handles the most complex tasks with ease.  Like CloudControl, CloudShift is a dedicate virtual appliance that supports not only distributed firewall configurations but also the full network virtualization stack of NSX-v ESGs, DLRs, Logical Switches, NAT, Edge Firewall and Load Balancing.  

With either platform, we are confdent that you will be migrated to NSX-T in no time.  Below is a summary of the main differences. 


Say Hi To CloudShift

CloudShift helps with your transition to NSX-T, allowing you to focus on the outcome rather than how you will get the job done. CloudShift is your easy button for your journey to -T.

Lifecycle Approach

NSX-v to T migrations are simplified and more effective leveraging the ReSTNSX lifecycle approach of providing tools and features for both the pre and post migration effort while minimizing the operational disruptions of migrating to a new platform.


NSX-v Operations

One of ReSTNSX's biggest use cases is to make NSX as easy as possible to implement, operate and troubleshoot.  For customers migrating to NSX-T, ReSTNSX provides a single, unified web interface for all the NSX-v and T instances.  Regardless of the NSX version, operating NSX is simplified and consistent.  As NSX/vCenter pairs migrate to NSX-T, the same management platform can be leveraged.  This approach reduces staff re-training; operational hurdles by providing a consistent user experience and accelerating the realized value of the NSX-T fabric.

Pre Migration


Prior to any migration, customers and partners can leverage capabilities of the ReSTNSX platform to analyze and optimize the current NSX-v implementation.  From stale object detection to firewall rule analysis, ReSTNSX enables the most effective migrations. Some NSX-v implementations have been running for years.  In that time, firewall rules have become stale (no longer used) and objects sprawl occurs.  This not only impacts the performance of NSX but also the effectiveness within the SDDC.

The ReSTNSX methodology is to enable tools, such as Object and Rule Analyzer, to thoroughly review the NSX-v environment to identify and enable remediation of ineffective policies or unused objects.


Object Analyzer showing stale objects that can be cleaned up with a single click prior to migration


Object Analyzer showing stale objects that can be cleaned up with a single click prior to migration

Network Virtualization

While there are countless network topologies that could exist in a NSX-v environment, MAT provides the user with a graphical summary of the destination topology that will be created.  In a post-FCS release, MAT will allow the user to select from a list of viable destination topologies.  In the current release, below is one example of a network topology and how it will be created in -T on migration. Once the user confirms the inventory, MAT is ready to present the data one more time prior to migration in the transformation phase.


Demo Request

See ReSTNSX's products in action with a custom demo focused on your specific use cases
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