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Centralized NSX Reporting

Multi-manager configuration summaries with granular, per-user auditing

CloudControl's Reporting Engine

CloudControl's Reporting Engine enables quick and easy access to information that you would normally have to collect through custom API calls or scraping through log files.  Since CloudControl resides within the management fabric, direct connections between all the different NSX domains is possible.  This capability enables centralized logging of administrator, user and tenant activity form multiple NSX/vCenter domains in a single, consolidated platform for easy auditing and reporting of the environments state.

The Reporting Engine provides daily and real-time access to information that would require administrators and system auditors days or weeks to collect.  From daily environment snapshot reports to on-demand user activity, ReSTNSX enables organizations a much simpler way to document and understand their NSX deployments.

Answering questions such as how many logical switches are deployed or what security tags are applied to my virtual machines just got easier.  ReSTNSX reports were created to enable a snapshot of the entire NSX domain to be available through a few clicks of the mouse.  These reports are characterized into three main categories - System, for overall NSX configuration status; Activity, providing filterable insight into per-user and per-API history and Tenant reporting that provides tenant-by-tenant configuration summary coupled with per-user and per-API history.

Sytsem Reports

System Reports are automatically generated every 24 hours and provide a summary of important NSX environment information.  This information is gathered from each NSX / vCenter pair via the same API methods in which CloudControl communicates to the infrastructure for operational management. No additional user permissions or agents are required for collecting this information.  The results are stored locally stored for quick and easy access. 


Information provided in these reports include the following items for each NSX domain:

  • System details such as version, uptime, cpu/memory usage and service status

  • User Summary, including configured, active, oldest login and number of active accounts

  • Tenant summary showing details such as tenant quantity, configured security and network objects

  • Virtual Machine list with details such as attached tags


For each NSX Manager, CloudControl also provides difference reports showing what has changed, if anything, in that 24 hour period. These reports may be printed from the ReSTNSX appliance or delivered by email after each completion.


Per-API and per-user logging is provided as a view of user actions without having to provide read-only users access to the system log that may contain details of the infrastructure.  Activity reports are filtered real-time, system log events that can be sorted by username and exportable to CSV or PDF.



Tenant reports represent a combination of the System and Activity reports that is explicitly filtered to provide insight into any given ReSTNSX configured tenant.  Similar to the System reports, the Tenant report provides administrators and auditors a configuration summary on a tenant-by-tenant basis.  Tenant reports reflect real-time information for configuration and user activity and are exportable as CSV or PDF.


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