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Centralized NSX Dashboard

Multi-manager configuration summaries with system status

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Since CloudControl resides within the management fabric, direct connections between all the different NSX domains is possible - on-prem and VMware powered clouds.  This capability enables centralized reporting of inventory and system status of multiple NSX/vCenter domains in a single, consolidated view.  The Global Dashboard is a collection of real-time and stored inventory data to provide insight into disparate NSX environments.

Heat Maps

CloudControl's System Reports are automatically generated every 24 hours (or on demand) and provide a summary of important NSX environment information.  This information is gathered from each NSX / vCenter pair via the same API methods in which CloudControl communicates to the infrastructure for operational management.  The results are stored locally stored for quick and easy access.  The Global Dashboard leverages this data for presenting inventory information.

One method for presenting this data is via a comparative heat-maps that show the densities of NSX Manager objects relative to each other.  With this view, users can easily determine relative differences between environments (object counts per type) and if one environment is for some reason not matching another.

Query and Logging

Each NSX Manager that is registered with CloudControl is listed on the dashboard as a quick way to see the status of the connection while providing an easy method to query each NSX Manager's inventory.   By selecting any given NSX Manager's search icon, the platform-wide Query window is opened.  In this view, scope is limited to the selected NSX Manager and eliminates the need for switching data sources or logging into the respective system to view inventory.

A summarized view of the CloudControl System Log is also provided for viewing real-time system events and user activity.

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