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ReSTNSX Licensing

Announcing the Enterprise+ feature set for ReSTNSX.  Enterprise+ includes licenses for NSX-v to T migration. Instead of purchasing separate Migration Assistance Tool (MAT) licenses separately, customers can combine both licenses under an Enterprise+ license.

Platform Overview

ReSTNSX is feature-rich platform for deployment and Day 2 operations of VMware's NSX solution. From unified management of multiple NSX domains to bulk object creation, ReSTNSX offers tremendous value to Networking, Security and Virtualization teams alike.

The solution is delivered as a virtual appliance with a licensing model aligned to VMware's NSX per CPU model.  For every VMware NSX license active in NSX Manager, there must be a corresponding ReSTNSX license of either Enterprise or Enterprise+. Both license tiers are available as Perpetual or Subscription-based.

In addition to product licensing, SKU or Statement-of-Work (SoW) based Professional Services are available for installation, configuration and training of ReSTNSX.  Professional Services hours can also be applied towards a SoW for converting legacy firewall rulesets to NSX.

Getting Started

Test Drive

Schedule a Demo

Explore the use cases and value ReSTNSX can deliver to your organization with an online demo.  Demos are typically 45 minutes or less and can be scheduled using our request form.

Demo System Access

Once an online demo has been delivered by one of our team members, we can provision an account for your use in one of our publicly accessible pre-built demo environments.


Purchase software, support and professional services through our partner network.  Ordering of ReSTNSX is available through the same partners who resell other VMware technologies such as NSX. Below is a list of our preferred partners:

Americas: 27 Virtual Ahead Carahsoft - Visit the ReSTNSX Site at Carahsoft Clearpath Solutions Group Cumberland Group Dell (U.S.) Entelligence ESI Ingram Micro Insight IronBow Norseman Presidio Red River Sayers Technology Services SHI WWT Europe: RTS Soldner Consult Canada: ESI Technologies Insight-CA


Professional Service Partners

ReSTNSX Partner SKUs are also. These SKUs are Not-for-Resale (NFR) and can be used for internal lab testing and customer-facing engagements.


The NFR SKUs are not free.  These SKUs enables partners unlimited use of ReSTNSX internally or customer deployments.  See the Partner Example below.


Additionally, there are temporary use SKUs for customer engagements.  Please contact us for further details

Become a ReSTNSX Partner

Sales Leads

Register your ReSTNSX opportunity today! If you have a NSX opportunity, be sure to register with ReSTNSX.  When delivering a complete solution to your NSX customer, partners are able to demonstrate a solutions-based approach.   From NSX automation to simplified Day 2 operations, ReSTNSX is the platform of choice for Network, Security and Virtualization professionals.  By bundling ReSTNSX with the NSX opportunity, partners deliver incredible value with the following benefits:

Partner Benefits
  • Differentiation your business

  • Drive growth and profitability for your company

  • Capitalize on the growing ReSTNSX brand

  • Position your company for sales opportunities

  • Strengthen your relationship with ReSTNSX

Customer Benefits
  • Provides a unified platform for NSX-v, NSX-T

  • Simplifies Automation

  • Eliminates the need for custom scripting

  • Multi-site NSX management

  • Multi-tenancy Administration

License Tiers

ReSTNSX is available as either Enterprise or Enterprise+ editions that can be licensed as perpetual or an annual subscription.  Both editions include the base appliance and an optional support & upgrade contract that provides technical support and software upgrades for the duration of the term.

With perpetual, the customer owns the licenses indefinitely and can add feature licenses plus support contracts . In contrast, a subscription model entitles a customer to all the features of a given edition (Standard, Enterprise) for the duration of the contract. The benefits of the ReSTNSX subscription model is that it enables a more predictable pay-as-you-grow licensing structure with the convenience of a single SKU for ordering.

Enterprise Licensing

ReSTNSX Enterprise is an all-in-one license part number that provides all features with no restrictions.  This includes features such as vRNI Planner, ASA Planner and all the native automation and troubleshooting capabilities of ReSTNSX.

Base Software 

Select the base software (virtual appliance):

Qty (1)  RST-NSX-vAPPL


Match the following ReSTNSX licenses to your VMware NSX license quantities:



Add support by selecting the virtual appliance support contract term:

Qty (1)  RST-NSX-vAPPL-SAU-____*

Then select the licensing support contract term. Quantities should match quantities selected in the previous licensing step:

Qty ( ) RST-NSX-ENT-SAU-____*

*1 and 3 year subscriptions available.


Select Quantity of CPUs. No other part numbers required.  Note: Subscription licenses come in packs of 10 CPU


Enterprise+ Licensing

ReSTNSX Enterprise+ contains all the features of Enterprise with entitlement to the CloudWay Migration Assistance Tool -MAT) for NSX-v to T migrations.

Base Software 

Select the base software (virtual appliance) :

Qty (1)  RST-NSX-vAPPL


Match the following ReSTNSX licenses to your VMware NSX license quantities:



Add support by selecting the virtual appliance support contract term:

Qty (1)  RST-NSX-vAPPL-SAU-____*

Then select the licensing support contract term. Quantities should match quantities selected in the previous licensing step:

Qty ( ) RST-NSX-ENTPL-SAU-____*

*1 and 3 year subscriptions available.

Professional Services

SKU-Based Services

ReSTNSX products are delivered as virtual appliances for easy installation and configuration.  For existing NSX environments where ReSTNSX is being added, a typical deployment times range from 3 to 8 hours.  These deployments can be self-deployed or customers can leverage our professional services team.  Professional Services may be ordered using a single SKU that includes installation, configuration and user training.


Select the quantity of hours.  Typical deployments consume 8 hours but please contact us if you wish to discuss your specific deployment for a more accurate estimate.


SOW Based Services

In addition to our standard deployment services, ReSTNSX offers firewall ruleset migration services.  These services range from extracting existing firewall rulesets via REST API methods to CSV export.  Our team has experience with most firewall vendor conversions, including -  Cisco ASA, Juniper, Checkpoint and NSX-v.  With both methods, the ReSTNSX team extracts the existing configurations and processes them using a proprietary tool for optimizing (rule hit analysis, de-dupes) and converting to ReSTNSX format for deployment.  For more information, please refer to the following data sheet or contact us to scope out an engagement.

*A valid support contract must be active for access to all future upgrades

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