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SSL certificate
By default, the ReSTNSX appliance ships with a self signed SSL certificate.
To replace this with a user supplied SSL certificate, we can use the certificates tab under Administration > System Settings > Certificates. Start by clicking the “Create CSR” link.

Fill out the form on the Create Certificate Signing Request modal and click create.
From the Certificate list, click the download icon in the CSR column
Copy the downloaded CSR to your and select it by right clicking on your CA, selecting All Tasks, then Submit new request.

Under pending requests, select the certificate, All Tasks, then Issue.

Under Issued Certificates, double click on the certificate, then select the Details tab and click the Copy to File… button.
In the certificate export wizard, select Base-64 encoded X.509 (.Cer) and click next, then select a file name and save the certificate.

In ReSTNSX, click the upload icon for the certificate, select the x.509 file we saved from the CA, and upload.
​Click the “applied” checkbox next to the certificate, then click “Apply” on the confirmation modal.
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