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Data Sources

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1. Feature Description

2. Setup

3. Dashboard

4. Connection Status

Data sources are external applications that are managed or accessed by ReSTNSX via API or SOAP/XML. Typical data sources include NSX Manager, vCenter and vRealized Network Insight (vRNI).

Minimum Release: 1.0 
Application: NSX-v, NSX T, vRNI
License: Enterprise 
Privilege level: Enterprise Admin

Setup To top

A step-by-step guide for setting up data sources is available in the quick start guide

Dashboard To top

To view the data sources dashboard, navigate to Admin > Data Sources. The dashboard provides a summary of the defined external data sources and connectivity status.

ℹ️ Enterprise Administrator privileges are required to access this page.

Connection Status To top ℹ️ Data sources are not polled unless there is user activity (logins). The only exception is when system reports (if configured) are collecting data.

For each data source, the ReSTNSX connectivity status is displayed based upon the last polled result. Polling occurs every 5 minutes by default but can be accelerated due to certain conditions such as an Administrator clicking refresh on the data source page will initiate an immediate poll.

For NSX Manager to vCenter connections, the synchronization status is displayed along with the last inventory synchronization time stamp between NSX and vCenter.


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