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1. Feature Description

2. Dashboard

3. License Calculation

ReSTNSX is licensed per socket (physical CPU) and daily calculations are performed on compliance status. This information is provided to the Administrator for planning purposes.

Dashboard To top

To view the licensing page, navigate to Admin > System > Licensing. The dashboard provides a summary of the applied license count and level of compliance.

To apply a license, click the Apply License button. This will open a new window where the ReSTNSX provided license can be pasted.

ℹ️ A system backup and restore maintains the appliance license. As a result, the Apply License step is not necessary when restoring or upgrading the ReSTNSX appliance.

License Calculation To top

For each data source configured within ReSTNSX, a per host CPU calculation is performed with the results compared against the applied ReSTNSX license. The host list is provided by the respective NSX Manager. ReSTNSX will query the host details to determine physical CPU counts.

ℹ️ ReSTNSX does not currently enforce limits. Licensing information is provided for compliance and audits.

If the total physical CPUs discovered quantity is within 10% of the ReSTNSX license capacity, an informational banner is displayed for Enterprise Admin users upon login and while navigating to the Licensing page. Additionally, a system log message is written with details about current usage and limits.

When the total consumed licenses reaches or exceeds 100% of the total capacity, a similar warning banner is displayed and saved to the system log.


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