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Networking & Security Objects Overview

In this article

  • 1. Feature Description

  • 2. Setup

  • 3. Dashboard Overview

  • 4. Other Differentiating Features

Feature Description Network and Security (N&S) Objects dashboard is for performing day to day management of NSX objects with additional tools for operational effectiveness. The interface is light-weight and feature rich for administrators, operators and auditors to perform their duties. Similar to other aspects of the ReSTNSX, each function (view, add, edit, delete and launching of tools) within the dashboard is access controllable via the system RBAC settings.

Minimum Release: 1.2 (NSX-v); 2.5 (NSX T) 
Application: NSX-v, NSX T 
License: Enterprise 
Privilege level: Audit or higher


No setup required.

Dashboard Overview To top

To access the N&S Dashboard, navigate to Operations > NSX System > N&S Objects. The dashboard presents a real-time inventory count of objects.

ℹ️ Quick access for object creation is provided within each object type block. Click the + symbol to create an object of that type from the dashboard

Navigating to the respective object page can be achieved by clicking on either the appropriate tab next to the Dashboard or on the object box itself. Once the user is on the object page of choice, add/edit/delete/clone and mover (copy between NSX Managers) are available with the appropriate RBAC settings.

Other Differentiating Features

  • Object Mover for copying objects between NSX data sources

  • vCenter VM Tag import to NSX Security Tags

  • Object cloning

  • Object history

  • CSV export for use in ReSTNSX workflows

  • NSX T Security Tag management

  • Security Group preview

  • NSX T Context Profile create wizard


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