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vCenter VM Tags

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  • 1. Feature Description

  • 2. Setup

  • 3. Importing Tags

Feature Description Virtual Machine (VM) Tag support is a feature that imports existing vCenter tags into NSX. Upon importing, a NSX Security Tag is created and associated to the same VM(s) as the vCenter tags. This feature was initially developed for non-NSX customers who had VM tags already defined and needed an easy method to migrating them to NSX for Security / NS Group membership for policy enforcement. Note: This synchronization can be automated (scheduled) through the ReSTNSX Policy Sync tool.

Minimum Release: 2.5 
Application: NSX-v, NSX T 
License: Enterprise 
Privilege level: Security Engineer or higher


No setup required. The active data source vCenter will be used for querying existing tags and associated.

Importing Tags To top

To import tags, navigate to Operations > N&S Objects > Tags and select Import VM Tags from the main menu.

This action will open a new dialogue window to select one or many VM tags discovered in vCenter. To see which VMs are currently assigned to a tag on the list, click the number in the “VMs Applied To” column. In this example, New Tag is assigned to VM named phton-vm-11 as shown below within ReSTNSX and vCenter.

Once the tag(s) are selected for import, select the scope (Global / Universal) and the Migrate button to create and associate the new tag. In this example, ReSTNSX has successfully created a new NSX Security Tag using the same name as the VM Tag (New Tag) and associated this new tag with the same VM (phton-vm-11). This can be verified by clicking the blue double chevron to expand the VM members of the tag.


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