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Approver Experience (Stage 4)

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  • 1. Notifications

  • 2. Approval

Notifications To top Once a job request is submitted, the approver will receive an email with basic request information and a link to login to ReSTNSX to review the job details. Upon each login, the approver will be presented with a temporary toast notification in the top right corner indicating pending approvals. Additionally, the approver’s Work Authorizations menu will be highlighted. Clicking on either will take the user to their Work Authorizations dashboard.

Approval To top

The approvers dashboard will list any pending jobs and necessary details. The job(s) may be approved, denied or deleted. Additionally, starting in version 3.6, the dashboard allows the Approver to enforce an implementation window and for edits, see the existing configuration and proposed changes before approving the request.

From the approver’s point-of-view, their task is complete. The implementer must now take action for the IP Set to be created.


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