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Options (Stage 2)

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  • 1. Set Approvers and Implementers

  • 2. Options

Set Approvers and Implementers To top Once the user group work authorizations are defined, an approver and implementer (optional) need to be defined. To begin, navigate to Admin > Users & Policy >

Authorization Settings

Approvers and Implementer definitions can be global or per object type. In this example, both are defined for object type IP Set. As a result, any job for a user in Authgroup2 attempting to create an IP Set, will be put into the approval process queue.

ℹ️ If no approvers are defined, the Enterprise Admin can approve and implement the jobs. Note that the Enterprise Admin will not receive emails or notifications for pending jobs as they are not defined in the workflow process

Options To top

Custom Fields – allows administrators to define fields a requester must fill out before submitting the job. In example below, Customer Name was defined as a required entry. As a result, any requestor is required to enter a Customer Name into the request before proceeding. Custom fields allow jobs to include data that could be important for an approver to know before approving – such as Customer Name, Job ID, Change Request #, etc….

Approvers – add more or more approvers to receive email and login notifications that jobs are pending their approval.

Implementers – add more or more implementers to receive email and login notifications that jobs have been approved and ready to be run.

ℹ️ If an approver or implementer do not have an email address defined, they will receive notifications for each login until the job task has been completed.

Copy Settings from Global – a one-time copy from global settings that will mirror the custom fields, approvers, implementers, reminder and implementer settings.

Remind Approvers Daily – a flag that can be set to email the approver(s) of a job daily until action is taken against the job (approve or deny)

Allow Requester to Implement Job – a flag that can be set that authorizes the requester to run the job once it is approved.


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