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User Experience (Stage 3)

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  • 1. Job Request

  • 2. Checking Status

Job Request To top Upon user login, the general experience remains the same except now there are change controls around the specific objects. In this example, user engineer1 – who belongs to Authgroup2 – logs in. Their view is limited to the RBAC settings of the group (View, Create IP Sets) with every other object disabled.

The user navigates to IP Sets and clicks the create new button. Under normal circumstances, based upon the user’s RBAC permissions, there would be an OK button that would instantly create the IP Set on the active NSX Manager. Since work authorization is enabled, the OK button is replaced with a Submit for Approval button that takes them to the job request form.

After completing the required fields, the user is notified that the job has been submitted for approval. The requester (user engineer1) and approver (user approver) will be notified via email and login notification.

Checking Status To top

At any point, the requestor can login to review their jobs. This dashboard is limited to only the items where they are listed in the approval chain.

User Dashboard Buttons

Nudge – sends a reminder to the approver(s)

Delete – cancels and archives the job request

From the requester’s point-of-view, their task is complete. The approver and implementer must take action for the IP Set to be created.


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