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Feature Description To top The Compute Dashboard is a view of the active data source’s vCenter. In this view, all VMs associated with the vCenter can be seen with limited editing. Additionally, the NSX attributes (Security Tags, Security Group membership) are shown.

Minimum Release: 2.8 
Application: NSX-v, NSX T 
License: Enterprise 
Privilege level: Audit or higher


No setup required. The active data source vCenter connection is leveraged to collect data.


To view user the Compute dashboard, navigate to Operations > Compute > Virtual Machines. Summary statistics for the vCenter are provided along with all Data Centers, Clusters, Hosts and Virtual Machines.

Each Data Center, Cluster, Host and VM can be expanded to expose further details by using the blue double chevrons. When expanding a VM, similar details are provided as seen in vCenter but with the addition of NSX specific attributes. In the example below, the attached Security Tags and Security Group memberships are displayed by clicking on the Security Icon.

ℹ️ Clicking on any of the Security Tags will reveal all VMs with the same tag attachments.

Similar details can be viewed for CPU, Memory, Storage, Network and VM Tools by clicking on the respective icon. Additionally, color coding is provided to denote the health of each item. For example, if one or more of VM Network Adapters are in the disconnected state, the Network icon will become orange. If all Network Adapters for a given VM are disconnected, the icon will be red.


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