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dFW Effective Members

In this article

  • 1. Feature Description

  • 2. Setup

  • 3. Viewing Effective Members

Feature Description The dFW Effective Members feature enables real-time reporting of the realized Virtual Machines / IP Addresses for a given rule. NSX rules are often constructed using abstract objects in the source and destination criteria such as Cluster, Data Center or Security Group. Without ReSTNSX, there is no native way to visualize the actual Virtual Machines that are being effected by the rule. As a result, troubleshooting the impact of a rule becomes difficult.

Minimum Release: 3.2

Application: NSX-v

License: Enterprise

Privilege level: Audit or higher

Setup No setup required.

Viewing Effective Members To top

To view a rule’s effective members, navigate to the rule in question under Operations > Distributed Firewall and select Show Members from the rule drop-down

This will open a new window with the calculated results. The effective (realized) members of this rule are displayed for both the source and destination rule criteria.


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