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Edge Firewall

In this article

  • 1. Feature Description

  • 2. Setup

  • 3. Edge Firewall Dashboard

  • 4. Consistent User Experience

  • 5. Unified Editor

  • 6. Other Differentiating Features

Feature Description

The ReSTNSX Edge (ESG / Tier 0-1) Firewall dashboard is for performing day to day management of rule sets with additional tools for operational effectiveness. All Edges are presented on a single page to minimize clicks.

The interface is light-weight and feature rich for administrators, operators and auditors to perform their duties. Similar to other aspects of the ReSTNSX, each function (view, add, edit, delete and launching of tools) with the dFW dashboard is access controllable via the system RBAC settings.

Minimum Release: 2.5 
Application: NSX-v, NSX T (future)
License: Enterprise 
Privilege level: Audit or higher


No setup required.

Edge Firewall Dashboard To top

To view the Edge Firewall, navigate to Operations > Security > Edge Firewall. The dashboard presents all Edges with the firewall status (enabled/disabled) to the right of the Edge name.

ℹ️ The Edge firewall service can be toggled by clicking the status circle indicator

⚠️Rollback is not available for Edge Mover or rule publishing.

Consistent User Experience To top

ReSTNSX provides identical user experiences regardless of the data source NSX version or type. The Edge firewall user experience of a user using NSX-v 6.4(2) vs 6.4(4) is exactly the same. Furthermore, the experience is maintained across NSX types – NSX-v and NSX T. If a user knows how to manage eFW using ReSTNSX, the operational curve is eliminated between minor, major and NSX types.

Unified Editor To top

The Edge Unified Editor is an alternate method for viewing and editing rule source, destination and service criteria. Typically, each of these are managed under separate windows. Prior to the Unified Editor, to create a single rule, at least three separate windows would need to be opened and navigated.

ℹ️ Unified Editor for NSX-v Edges was introduced in release 3.2

For each rule, an edit icon has been introduced that allows users to enter all three criteria at one time.

Other Differentiating Features To top

  • Edge Firewall Mover – similar to dFW Mover, this feature copies ESG pre and user rules to ESGs, Tier 1 rules on the same or different NSX Manager

  • Export of rules to CSV for use in a ReSTNSX workflow

  • Import of rules using the ReSTNSX CSV template


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